Conviction, Neutrality & Bombs

It’s very tempting to remain neutral and sometimes neutrality is the best way to listen, learn and grow together as a species. It can be a safe territory to gain perspective, lay down differences and grow in unification. 

And then there are certain issues where neutrality is destructive and counter-productive. At times, neutrality can actually increase darkness on the planet and not help to conquer it. It can aid in the expansion of evil and hatred; the very forces that the majority of the human race opposes and works really hard to avoid, eradicate and keep at bay. 

Yet in the great cosmic war, that each and everyone of us are participants in, neutrality cannot be an option. To do nothing is to add to the problem of suffering, pain and destruction. To remain without conviction, strong opinion and subsequent action, is to surrender to the opposing force. Great evil must not be met with greater evil, but with good. We cannot fight fire with fire, cause that just makes a bigger fire. Yelling at darkness, swinging a bat at it or even praying against it does not rid darkness. It’s the action, born from the seeds of love, that begin to overwhelm the darkness and drive it out. 

The light — the only answer to darkness. 

Darkness is not a thing — it’s the absence of something. 

The absence of love. Real love. True love. Radical love, which leads to increased darkness.

I’m always surprised at the many reactions I get when I talk about the immense power of love. Most of the time, people think of it as a nice sentiment, like sending a Hallmark card to my grandma for her birthday or snuggling with a puppy on a lonely, rainy day. Those actions are of course in the rite of love, but that’s not what I’m getting at. 


Let’s take a minute and talk about terrorists. 

Terrorists are people of incredible conviction. Their conviction leads them to blow themselves up, to murder innocent children and to create havoc in the free world, whenever the opportunity presents itself. Another person of tremendous conviction was Hitler. He was completely convinced that he held the answer to global problems — wipe certain “lesser” races from the planet… then we would have world peace. 

Sounds crazy, huh? 

What’s even more crazy is that his conviction, along with the conviction of terrorists, actually succeeded in action. The holocaust actually happened. Millions of people were murdered for the simple reason that one day Hitler had an idea. An idea that grew into a conviction, which lead to action and then… history was written. History that we’re all ashamed of. 

Same is true for terrorists. An idea gave birth to a conviction, which in turn lead to an immense, intentional movement of evil, hatred and destruction. 

ALL on purpose. 

ALL done with strategy… with intelligence. 

ALL done in the name of the “greater good.” 

What about you & me?

All too often when we take a step back and take a good look at our individual lives, the level of conviction that produces action seems to be a teeny drop compared to the level of conviction someone like Hitler or Osama Bin Laden operated in. 

Where did we go wrong? When did we stop believing that love is a real force that has the potential to transform culture, societies and even human history. If evil and atrocious acts can make a dent in our human tradition, how much more can love push us forward? 

The main difference is that most of us are kinda natural when it comes to love. When it comes to taking proactive steps, we play it safe. We fall prey to the belief that, “surely, I can’t make that much of an impact…” We play small and go on with our personal stories, our dramas and our inconveniences, trying to make it to the next promotion at work or surviving child rearing or losing the next five pounds.

Of course, all those things hold a level of importance, but if we want to leave this planet in better shape then when we entered it, we have to think much bigger, much more radical. We need to allow the idea of love to root itself in our hearts and watch it give birth to conviction that produces action.

Think about the impact that would ensue on the human race if even a small group of people operated from the same of conviction as Hitler or a terrorist group, but with the premise of caring for our neighbor, repaying evil with good and making it a priority to go out of our way to do good. 

For some reason when I talk like that, most people think that all that “love talk,” is too utopian, too idealistic. Yet, if you observe the opposite side of the spectrum (terrorism), you see how effective conviction can be. Yet unfortunately, we tend to have more faith in the power of evil then we do in the power of love.  

What are you getting at?

I’m so glad you asked. This is my request: while you are a participant in this unfolding drama of the human experience, believe that you are more powerful then you give yourself credit. Not because you’re special or because you’re a messiah-type, but because you can choose to love with radical conviction. Because you can tap into the most powerful force in the universe and make an impact. 

Stop doubting the power of kindness, compassion and generosity. 

Stop investing faith in the power of darkness. 

Believe in the greater abilities provided by acts of love. 

Please, don’t just breathe, work and sleep in this life. 

Honor life by daring to believe that you can wield the power of extravagant love and then do something. 

What should you do? 

Honestly, it doesn't matter. Every action that rises from love adds to the light. The smallest act of patience or goodness increases the light on our planet, which is to drive out the darkness. 

Global transformation is possible. 

Humankind is capable of setting off waves of healing, blessing and safety simply by loving one another. 

It’s such a radical idea that it holds the power to change the trajectory of human progress.